Things To Remember When Buying Custom Shirts For Work

corporate-uniformsCheck The Fabric

There are different kinds of fabrics in the market that you can choose from. Silk, cotton, denim, linen, are just some of the examples of fabric. However, before you pick one, you have to consider the nature of your work and your comfort. But more often than not, cotton is a popular choice since it helps absorb sweat and long lasting.

Mind The Sleeves

When it comes to sleeves, it still matters if your work if formal or more on the casual side. Aside from that, the weather still plays a part into consideration. Long sleeves are better choice for colder weather and formal setting. For casual affair and warmer temperature, short sleeves would be more practical.

Don’t Forget Identification

Since these custom shirts from Print My Polo Shirts are intended as uniform at work for employees, then it would be fitting that the shirt also includes some form of identification. This way, other employees can easily tell who’s who since it’s already written on the shirt and visitors can just call them by their name in case they need to ask a question or need anything.

Include Company Emblem Or Logo

Now it wouldn’t be custom shirts for work if the company emblem or logo is not on it, right? Besides it’ll be a way for the company to advertise as well. Plus, doing so will clearly emphasise that the shirt will only be for work.

Don’t Compromise Comfort

If an employee is not comfortable with what he’s wearing, expect him not to wear it regularly and when he does, it will affect his performance since he’s uncomfortable. The shirt should not only be presentable, it also has to be breathable and workable, especially if the people wearing it moves a lot.