Take A Break From Work And Visit Top Scuba Diving Holiday Destinations

  1. South-East-Asia-scuba-diving-holidays-flickr-image-by10The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a lovely place to visit on any tourism vacation. It is a place renowned for its amazing sunshine and white sandy beaches among so many other things. Islands such as Caicos, which is not too far south of the Bahamas, is a place you would want to earmark for a visit if you are interested in a scuba diving holiday. By no means is it cheap, but if you ever get the opportunity, you might not want to pass it up.


  1. Manta Rays

If you have already been to the Caribbean and are itching for another chance to enjoy scuba diving and travel, you ought to go to Manta Rays in the Maldives. Simply put, once you plunge into the Maldives waters, you will experience manta rays from the sun like you never have before. If you have no idea what manta rays are, do a simple internet search and remember to include the word “Maldives” there too. If you have a few thousands of pounds lying around, you will surely have no better place to spend it than here.


  1. Thailand

If you have already been to the Caribbean and to Manta Rays, then the third best place for you to visit to fix your scuba and travel obsession is Thailand. For two weeks or thereabouts you can enjoy all the fun and adventure of the Thai culture as well as the fun and adventure of scuba diving. Again, it is hardly cheap, but it is a trip worth saving for.


  1. Micronesian Wrecks

This is for those who love a bit of history. In this case, you will be exploring the Japanese ships that the Americans bombed to the bottom of the sea in Micronesia. The wrecks, somewhere near Turk Lagoon, make for an amazing exploration expedition and is fittingly as costly as it should be. After all, this is a place that is sure to spark a lot of emotion and make all who visit think at least about the lives that were lost down there.


  1. Oonasdivers

This place is on the Protea Banks in South Africa. It is the place to go to if you like what they call “high voltage shark dives”. Scuba diving and travel could hardly get better than this. You will also have the chance to enjoy the Hluhlwe Game Park and then cross the border into Mozambique where you can take a dip with whale sharks. It is well worth the price.


All these trips, though we say are not cheap, are not really expensive when you consider what you are getting. With the proper tourism agency, you can get a package to do scuba dive and to enjoy the scenery, as well as accommodation and flights (with return) all covered in the cost.

Before going on a scuba diving trip, you may want to consider getting insurance, lest the whale sharks get hungry.


Importance of Scuba Diving insurance

The importance of scuba diving insurance from Divemaster is rather obvious. You need it just in case things go terribly wrong (all jokes aside). Scuba diving is something that anyone who gets the opportunity surely must experience.

So, while you delve deep into the seas of the above mentioned destinations (and lots more), you ought to get yourself insured. This will cover your life as well as any medical situations. It is important to get such insurance because it also acts like virtually every other travel insurance out there.