Reasons To Go With Smart Meters In Your Office

OE-History_HeroAs the electricity bills rise upward, a great tension can be seen in businessmen  concerned about their monthly billing expenses. As an alternative, electricity industry has introduced many options to cut down one’s expense on monthly electricity usage. Among these options, smart meters are one of the best option to go with.

Problem With Standard Electric Meters:

The main problem with a standard electric meter is that it fails to let user keep account on current bill and just shows the reading for consumed units of electricity. That does tells the consumption but doesn’t inform the user about current bill on consumed units. So let’s see why should one go with smart meters instead of relying on standard or kWh meters.

How Does A Smart Meter Works?

In appearance, smart meters look same like prepay or standard meter types to some extent. But underneath that box case, there’s a little change in technology they have. A single phase meter works opposite to a standard meter. This means in a standard meter, one needs to take meter readings manually and then tell that figure to the supplier in order to get charged with correct amount.

But with smart meters, user doesn’t need to record anything manually. The smart meter not only records but also sends the figures to supplier by giving the user real-time performance. Means that the user can run a check on current billing amount and unit consumed through various ways. A user can either user the screen displaying the real time information on smart meter. Secondly, every supplier provides the user with an online portal where he can keep account of his electricity activities.

Benefits Of Using Smart Meter:

Below mentioned are some benefits one may get using a smart meter instead of a standard meter in his household. However we always advise testing the efficiency of your current setup, from dc current measurements from Powertek to phase angle voltmeter, they have everything you’ll need.

Keep record of hourly rates:

The first and foremost benefit one gets with a smart meter is he can keep record of variable electricity rates that change by hour. Not everyone has as much time to stop by and inquire about any new rates applied to his connection. So this helps people to plan their budget not only for the month but also for coming weeks and days.

Keep account of your electricity usage on the go:

Another nice advantage people have with smart meter is that they can check their electricity usage easily. One may keep account of how much energy has been consumed and how much he owes to the supplier in many ways. The first way to do that is simply checking through the smart meter. and the alternative way of running a check is through online portals authorized by the supplier.

No need of manual operations:

You don’t need any manual work to do if you’re using smart meter. Like conventional standard meters, smart meters doesn’t require you to note down meter readings manually. They work on automation and user can relax as far as it is concerned with readings and billing process. Not only that, smart meters also enables you to restore your connection swiftly instead of walking down to your supplier’s.