Should I get a leased line for my business?

Leased lines have been growing in popularity since their conception in the 1970s and they can provide a great option for smaller companies looking to improve efficiency and protect their data.

The main advantage of a leased line is that it provides a dedicated line only for your use, and gives a consistent speed across both uploading and downloading, so can be a really great reliable alternative for businesses.

They are generally used to get a high quality dedicated internet connection, but can also be used to connect branches and remote offices as well.

What advantages does a leased line give you?

A leased line can be customisable to your business needs. It doesn’t have to be an internet line, it can be for phone calls or VOIP or any other data transfer needs. Whatever you use it for it is dedicated only to your company. So here are a few of the key advantages of this kind of line:

  1. Quicker speeds

With a leased line you don’t need to worry about how many other people are using the line, or trying to download large amounts of data. There will be no slowing of your service because the line is dedicated to you. It won’t slow down at peak times. You can also get higher speeds anyway, than with a general consumer line. Whatever you use it for, your leased line will be quicker and provide a more efficient service.

  1. Better reliability

If you go for a fibre leased line they are also more reliable, as well as faster, because they are created from fibre optic cables. They don’t fail as often as traditional broadband hardware might do. This is essential when running a business so that you can avoid any kind of internet downtime which could impact on your profit and customer service in a negative way.

  1. More secure lines

As the line is dedicated to your business and is not part of a public network, it provides you with much higher levels of security for your data. You won’t be immune to issues but it is definitely a much more secure option than most.

  1. Connecting with remote workers

A big bonus to using leased lines is that they can be used to connect remote workers into the main company securely. This can really help in creating a flexible business approach.

What should I look for in a supplier?

If you think that a leased line could work for your business then you need to consider a few factors when choosing the best supplier for your needs. Luke Mead from Caelum Communications, said: “When looking for a leased line supplier, you need to think about the service and support you will receive as a customer, what kind of package they can offer you and of course, the price – are they providing value for money?”

Leased lines can be a great option to provide reliable and consistent services for your business, with added protection and security. If you’d like any further help or advice then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Caelum Communications on  0333 366 0058.


The UK’s most unusual workspace

You can find a number of unusual workplaces across the world. You cannot complain, as those who are working in it, has accustomed to the workplace, and they are working happily. But you should definitely know about the most unusual workplace, which is there in UK. However we wouldn’t advise a workplace free of services such as Clear Check. They perform online disclosure checks, in specific industries, this is a necessity.

There are multiple unusual places across the world, and there are many of them in UK, but if you’re looking for the most unusual workplace, you should know about it, as it can definitely motivate you to work efficiently in your brick and mortar workplace, if you find that place not suitable for you. Consider a Homecare Preferred Franchise if this article interests you. Working on your own franchise sounds very unusual to us!

What is work?

Work is not about where you are doing it. But it is all about whether you like the work on not. It is a motivation behind those employees, who are working in the UK’s most unusual workplace. The information is collected from Loc8 Commercial, where you can also find a number of other similar workplaces.

The office

There is a wonderful tree office in London, which is quite natural, and you can definitely enjoy working in the place. Questions might come in your mind, how big is the office. The answer is simple. The office is not that big, it can be smaller than or equal to the size of the drawing room. It is a wonderful place to work in, according to the employees. The office is actually made from a wooden framework on a tree, and you can get the inside the office with the help of a small staircase.

The framework

Though the framework is completely made from wood, there are glasses, which are there to protect the office from dust and other unwanted materials. The glasses can also be opened, such that you can easily enter into the office, when it is necessary. Thus the setup is quite wonderful and is located in a place, having beautiful natural scenery.

The location and the facilities

Though the office is located inside a field, all kind of modern facilities like Wi-Fi, coffee machines is also available. Though the space is a little clumsy, but the employees are quite happy working in unusual workplace, which is considered to be the most unusual workplace in the UK.

Improvements that can be made

Within the next few days, and air-conditioning system will also be stored in the office, in order to provide comfort to the employees while they are working in unusual workplace. As far as improvement is concerned, the workplace can be connected to similar other tree offices, which can be helpful to increase the number of sections available in the office.

Ways On How IT Support Can Help You

futuristic display: Cloud computing touchscreen interface

They Provide Regular Network Updates And Maintenance

Most businesses today rely heavily on computers, computers are machines that need maintenance and network updates on a regular basis to make sure that they work properly and are in their tip-top condition all the time. Therefore, any company will benefit greatly if they have IT support aboard or outsource it on regular schedule to be able to look over this matter and ensure that your network is healthy, stable and secure and ready to adapt to any future technology changes. You can’t just wait until something breaks down or malfunction before you call IT support because by then it would have cost you and would impact heavily on productivity.

You Become Secured From Data Leakage

Company details and information is the backbone of any company. Now imagine those being leaked online and it’s like being naked in front of the eyes of other industry, especially your competitors. They’d be able to see not just your strengths but as well as your weaknesses so they’d figure out how to take you on in the right way and surpass you. However, if you have IT support with ARC Systems, you’d be provided with IT security that you need and prevent any malicious software that could cause damage in your business.

You Get More Than Just A Repair Service

Some people easily assume that IT support is just a repair service; something is broken so you call them to fix it. But what most people don’t know it that they also offer advice on technology that can improve your work, they’re also good with handling businesses and technology demands, not to mention provide access to  Virtual CTO and a team to support your business plans and growth.