Should I get a leased line for my business?

Leased lines have been growing in popularity since their conception in the 1970s and they can provide a great option for smaller companies looking to improve efficiency and protect their data.

The main advantage of a leased line is that it provides a dedicated line only for your use, and gives a consistent speed across both uploading and downloading, so can be a really great reliable alternative for businesses.

They are generally used to get a high quality dedicated internet connection, but can also be used to connect branches and remote offices as well.

What advantages does a leased line give you?

A leased line can be customisable to your business needs. It doesn’t have to be an internet line, it can be for phone calls or VOIP or any other data transfer needs. Whatever you use it for it is dedicated only to your company. So here are a few of the key advantages of this kind of line:

  1. Quicker speeds

With a leased line you don’t need to worry about how many other people are using the line, or trying to download large amounts of data. There will be no slowing of your service because the line is dedicated to you. It won’t slow down at peak times. You can also get higher speeds anyway, than with a general consumer line. Whatever you use it for, your leased line will be quicker and provide a more efficient service.

  1. Better reliability

If you go for a fibre leased line they are also more reliable, as well as faster, because they are created from fibre optic cables. They don’t fail as often as traditional broadband hardware might do. This is essential when running a business so that you can avoid any kind of internet downtime which could impact on your profit and customer service in a negative way.

  1. More secure lines

As the line is dedicated to your business and is not part of a public network, it provides you with much higher levels of security for your data. You won’t be immune to issues but it is definitely a much more secure option than most.

  1. Connecting with remote workers

A big bonus to using leased lines is that they can be used to connect remote workers into the main company securely. This can really help in creating a flexible business approach.

What should I look for in a supplier?

If you think that a leased line could work for your business then you need to consider a few factors when choosing the best supplier for your needs. Luke Mead from Caelum Communications, said: “When looking for a leased line supplier, you need to think about the service and support you will receive as a customer, what kind of package they can offer you and of course, the price – are they providing value for money?”

Leased lines can be a great option to provide reliable and consistent services for your business, with added protection and security. If you’d like any further help or advice then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Caelum Communications on  0333 366 0058.


The UK’s most unusual workspace

You can find a number of unusual workplaces across the world. You cannot complain, as those who are working in it, has accustomed to the workplace, and they are working happily. But you should definitely know about the most unusual workplace, which is there in UK. However we wouldn’t advise a workplace free of services such as Clear Check. They perform online disclosure checks, in specific industries, this is a necessity.

There are multiple unusual places across the world, and there are many of them in UK, but if you’re looking for the most unusual workplace, you should know about it, as it can definitely motivate you to work efficiently in your brick and mortar workplace, if you find that place not suitable for you. Consider a Homecare Preferred Franchise if this article interests you. Working on your own franchise sounds very unusual to us!

What is work?

Work is not about where you are doing it. But it is all about whether you like the work on not. It is a motivation behind those employees, who are working in the UK’s most unusual workplace. The information is collected from Loc8 Commercial, where you can also find a number of other similar workplaces.

The office

There is a wonderful tree office in London, which is quite natural, and you can definitely enjoy working in the place. Questions might come in your mind, how big is the office. The answer is simple. The office is not that big, it can be smaller than or equal to the size of the drawing room. It is a wonderful place to work in, according to the employees. The office is actually made from a wooden framework on a tree, and you can get the inside the office with the help of a small staircase.

The framework

Though the framework is completely made from wood, there are glasses, which are there to protect the office from dust and other unwanted materials. The glasses can also be opened, such that you can easily enter into the office, when it is necessary. Thus the setup is quite wonderful and is located in a place, having beautiful natural scenery.

The location and the facilities

Though the office is located inside a field, all kind of modern facilities like Wi-Fi, coffee machines is also available. Though the space is a little clumsy, but the employees are quite happy working in unusual workplace, which is considered to be the most unusual workplace in the UK.

Improvements that can be made

Within the next few days, and air-conditioning system will also be stored in the office, in order to provide comfort to the employees while they are working in unusual workplace. As far as improvement is concerned, the workplace can be connected to similar other tree offices, which can be helpful to increase the number of sections available in the office.

Top warehouse trends to look out for this year

When you are planning to expand your business, you should understand the importance of warehouse management system as well as the advanced extension that will prove to be your best support for the operations. Here are the five most sought after WMS trends to look for.

Increase in integration strategies

Most of the businessmen look to expand their integration environment. This is nothing but expansion from one channel to multiple one. Companies are not limited to brick and mortar stores but expanding to e-retailing as well to expand their business. The companies not need better management of time. An Efficient warehouse is needed to track inventory or listing.

Automatic operational process

If the systems are automated then work pressure decreases and you can focus on other critical things. Hence it is better if you switched to automated WMS for ease of work. Also they are safe to use other than accuracy being the main factor. This is yet, one of the most sought after

Intensification in operational process

Warehouse system process are getting complicated day by day and hence require proper strategies to increase the productivity and one of the important thing to look for is the mobility of the  resources with ease. The technologies supporting mobility as well as conveyor belts etc are required for fruitful delivery of works. If these things were managed then the talent and skills of the employees could be used in the core places where it’s required the most.

Devices required for mobility or the mobile requirements

With advancement in technologies, it’s recommended that you too increase the use technology well.  To strengthen the relationship with your employees and suppliers as well as workers of other sector it’s important that you keep yourself updated about their work and manage them better. Hence do not rely on the traditional methods, start using the advanced mobile systems or devices.

Data and documents and security

It’s important to keep your strategic plans and data related to your business within the reach of you and your trusted employees. Most businessmen and company look for WMS with best security functionality. It is indeed important so that your business keeps being unique and away from disputes regarding the planning.

People vox has advanced system functionality according to your need and for new technology supported system you can rely on People vox.

With advancement in technology, It’s required that you should also go along with the development and apply the most modern and advanced techniques in your business to gain profit.

How to Get Into Sales

If you’ve got what it takes, sales can be a great business career for you. However, in order to make a name for yourself in that field, you need to know how to get into this business, and then work as hard as you’ve never done before. That is the only way for you to move ahead in this field of work, or any other field of work for that matter. A great way to get your name out there is to sign up with a recruiting company. we have found this great recruiting company, Zap Recruitment, But, let’s get back to the topic; what does it take to become a salesman, or more precisely, how to get into sales? Well, we’re going to dwell into that issue, so follow us as we unfold these issues.

The very first thing you need to have in order to get into sales, and later to succeed in the sales business is the proper spirit. Some people just have a knack for it, and seem to have been born a salesperson. These people weren’t really born as such, but were formed by the society in which they’ve grown up to become such a person. And if you haven’t been born and grown up in such a society, you need to take a crash course in this. You need to have a salesman’s spirit in order to succeed in sales, and therefore this is the first and most important thing you ought to have in order to get into sales.

The next important thing that should get you into the sales business is the experience. Of course, in order to get some experience, you need to sell stuff, and in order to become a salesperson, you need experience, it does sound a bit tricky, but actually it is far from it. You don’t really need to start gathering experience as an official salesman; you can start selling stuff online (usually, people start out by selling the stuff they own but no longer lead). Just make sure you get a good price, which is the most important thing when it comes to sales, which brings us to the next important thing you need to have in order to exceed in sales.

Negotiation skills. These things are essential in turning yourself into a proper salesperson. Of course, the negotiation skills don’t come on their own, and they get learned, just like everything in life. So, don’t worry if your first couple of sales don’t go as well as you’ve planned; just make sure that you learn from your mistakes. This will allow you to become better and better, until you become a great salesperson.

Also, it is important to note that you need to learn from those who are better than you. Don’t act like you’re the smartest person in the universe – learn from these people, as they can show you great tricks of the business that can get you into sales a lot faster that you would have done it all on your own So, basically, get the proper mind set, get some experience, start learning how to negotiate, and always listen to those who are better than you!

Why Your Office Needs a Security System and CCTV


You just can’t imagine an office or any kind of business today without a security system. Times are tough, and the business owners need to do everything in their power to protect their firm from any possible harm, and the best way to do so is by installing a security system with CCTV. And here is why we believe that is so.

The very first reason why you ought to get a security system for your firm is to protect it from any unwanted trespass. You never know when someone is going to decide to start breaking the law and breaking into your firm and your office, and having a good security system from All Security Solutions could stop them, or at least help the police catch the criminals as fast as possible, so that the things you find missing could be returned to you. A recent study has even reached a conclusion that seventy six percent of robbers decide not to break into a certain object due to the fact that the object has a security system and CCTV.

The next reason why you need a security system, or to be more exact, why you need CCTV in your firm or your office is to see what your employees are doing during the work hours. Now, this may sound a bit unfair to some, but when you are a business owner, you have to make sure that everything goes by the book, that no one is slacking, and most importantly, that none of your employees are stealing from you. Because of the fact that the employees would be familiar with the fact that there is CCTV in the office, they are going to be on their best behaviour, and won’t even think about stealing from you. This is something that can’t be said for the firms without CCTV systems installed.

Of course, these is always the fact that in case something happens and you do get robbed, you can always use the video material as an evidence and help the police get the persons involved with the crime. This will not make you get your things back and catch the guys that have wronged you, but it will also make you a local hero and a person doing some kind of a community work. And such people are always well respected in their community.

So, at the end of the day, we believe that there are some really good reasons why you ought to get a security system for your firm, as well as some CCTV. Even though we’ve only listed a couple of these reasons, it is clear that they illustrate that this is definitely a good thing, and that you just can’t go wrong with it. All that’s left for you now to decide is what kind of a security system you want, and how much money you are willing to spend on it. The rest seems to be already decided, and in favour of the security system.

5 Practical Cabling Tips for Your Office

data cable in office space

There are so many tips and tricks for you to do to make the network cabling installation as efficient as possible and since the network engineers are too engrossed with the installation process, there are these small things that they tend to forget not knowing that these small things make a difference. Thus, in your next installation, you should try to note that cabling needs some care and attention even in the smallest details. This article will bring to you some of the overlooked details in the process of installation.

  • Cable length

Often times, the length of cable to be used is overlooked which is why some engineers fall short on the cable length or have too much. Take note that the average or the standard cable set by the EIA/ TIA  is 100 meters and that is already the maximum length. In this given number, the patch leads are already included.

  • Patch Leads Length

Given the numbers above, it is essential for you to note that long patch leads is not really a good idea. However, if you really prefer longer patch leads, then you may do it but you need to make sure that what you will use are cables and connectors with premium quality only and should not exceed a 150 meter cable run or else, it won’t work as desired and will not work with great reliability and optimum performance.  In addition to this, you need to plan and execute well the cabling system so that the electrical signal will not be interfered. You should invest in a proper network cable installations to avoid having more problems. Do not settle with cheap installs because they might give you a disappointment.

  • Cable trays

Cable trays especially the suspended types play a very important role in installing a network cable as it holds or supports the rack underneath it. Thus, it is essential to note that these mounted trays should not be overloaded so that it will not fall off the wall or ceiling. The weight of the cables should match the weight the cable trays can support. If you fail to do this, you might end up buying another tray and reorganizing all the cables being installed.

  • Unused Cables

Since the installation involves a network of cables, it is very inevitable to use so many cables. However, although it is not really a safety problem but these unused cables seem to alter with the operational practices and it can be very disturbing as well. Hence, leave a space to your trays so that you can easily remove the unused cables from time to time.

  • Hanging cables

As much as possible, it is not advised by experts to hang the cables within the rack because over time, the physical stress on the copper core will lead to its distortion and stretching. When these physical alterations exist, it will create signal degradation and system failures. The only key to avoid this issue is to have good patch management to keep your rack tidy.


It’s highly recommended that you hire a professional team to handle your data cabling needs, as getting it wrong can have disastrous effects on you business, Network Cable installers ACCL have been installing cabling solutions to businesses all over the UK, they are a company I trust and used in the past at businesses I’ve consulted with.


Steps To Take In Order To Put Up A Photobooth Business

photoboothDetermine The Style Of Your Photobooth

There are two main types of photobooth which are the photo studio photobooth and tower photobooth. Now in order for you decide on which of them should your style be; you have to consider what comes with the both of them. Studio style photobooth is great for large group shots but requires professional equipment of a photography studio so expect that it won’t be cheap. Meanwhile, booth towers are not just easier to transport and set up, it is also more cost-efficient.

Look For Proper Software To Buy

Once you’ve decided on the style, time to look for the appropriate software for it. Make sure that you buy a high-quality touch screen and green screen-capable software since the quality of the photos depends on those. Always do dry runs before you fully operate on your business to see if there aren’t any problems with the software.

Stock Up On Supplies

This may seem like a no-brainer but it might surprise that some fail to do this and find themselves out of ink or photo paper when they most need it. Make sure you have at least two refills on stock all the time, especially during big events like weddings.

Gather Props And Curtains For Different Occasions

The thing with OMG photobooths that people can’t get enough of is the props and curtains that come with it. So you have to consider all possible occasion that you may possible be hired for so you can collect and prepare the props and curtains that fit those events.

Figure Out How Much To Charge And Promote Your Photobooth Business On Every Possible Platform

For you to come up with the suitable pricing for your service, you have to consider the supply, travel cost, and equipment expenditures then use the per hour rate basis to charge them for all of those. When you’re done, time to advertise your photobooth business on social media, newspaper, TV ads, etc. to find potential clients.


Reasons Why Every Company Benefits From HR Support

analyticsIt Helps With Cost Saving

Don’t all companies want to minimize expenses as much as possible but maximise results? That can be hard to achieve all the time but with the help of an HR system it can be more feasible, especially when it comes to human resources. Just like when it comes to absences of the employees. Cezanne HR software can provide sickness absence management controls in order to lessen its cost to a business. There is also HR software that can be aquired through companies like Payroll Solutions.

It Helps With The Staff Management Of The Company

When you’re running a company and you have a goal to reach, it’s easy to forget that employees are people that you need to treat fairly and not machines that you can program to do whatever you want. On that note, having an HR on board is a great way to set guidelines so that no one is left feeling pushed around, especially during a particular employee issue.

It Provides Support With The Recruitment Process

Without good quality of employees no company will be successful. Then, if a company has HR people working on filling empty positions in the company, then they’re halfway through success. By advertising job postings, finding candidates, testing applicants, holding preliminary interviews and coordinating hiring efforts with managers holding the responsibility for making the final choice of candidates, there will be a lot of hands that can help reach a company’s goal for it.

It Helps With Training And Development

Now just because a company has employees doesn’t mean it’s in good hands. If those hands aren’t well trained to do the job then they’d be useless. But, with the HR training and development, employees will be equipped with tools necessary for them to transition into the new organisation culture that they’re in. Even promoted supervisors and managers needs further training and development for them to better handle their new roles.

It Provides Guidance With Employment Legislation

For any company to operate well, they have to live by the existing employment laws in their country. With that, one of the roles of HR is to make sure that the company is not crossing any line. For them to do that, they stay updated with the current employment legislations and provide not only credible, practical advice for the company they’re working for but ensure that it is well communicated with the rest of the employees as well.


Ways To Protect Your Business

For Business owners their business is something that means the most to them. That is because they have put their blood, sweat and tears into making their business successful. Therefore every inch of the business is sacred to them. Luckily for these business owners however there are companies that make a living off of protecting people’s livelihoods. If you are a business owner seeking to make your business more secure then here are a few ways to do so:


The finances of a business can often get confusing and this is because the finance processes are completely different than for a normal person. Since businesses rely on their finances it is important to hire an accountant who can make sure that your accountancy is safe and legal.0003


Physically your office can be at risk to potential thieves and though there is not much that you can do about this for yourself you can seek the services of a locksmith. They will provide you with the best knowledge and advice on how to keep your office safe, and when it comes to locks and keys you are guaranteed to be getting expert care. Check out Fast Keys, they have a superb reputation. Checkout their locks page here




If you are a large business with numerous members of staff you may want to invest in security services. Hiring a security guard means that you can avoid any issues with potential troublemakers and that business can carry on as usual.


Though CCTV cannot directly keep your business safe it is a preventative measure. Installing a CCTV system in your building means that should your office face any intruders then you have proof to help aid the police in finding the culprit.

Video Cameras monitoring the underground pedestria

Hire the Right People

Hiring the right people can be catastrophic for your business. The wrong people are able to destroy your business from the inside. However, by checking your interviewees with Pragmatic Compliance ( you are able to see their previous employment history with ease.