5 Best Practices To Keep Your Car Safe While You’re Away On Business

businessman-driving-carCars are precious when taken care well but you need a little care to handle them. Cars are very expensive to maintain and alloy wheel repair can take a huge chunk out of your wage, therefore, you need to take care of your car. It’s common to leave your car behind when you need to go on a trip abroad or for other purposes. So how’re you going to take care of your vehicle when you’re away?

To make sure your car’s safe during your absence here are few practices that will save your favorite convertible, SUV or sedan from possible damages.

Find A Safe Storage First:

Depending on the period you stay away from your car, you first need to arrange a safe parking place for your vehicle. If you’ve your own garage then make use of it but if you park your car outside of your house then think again. Relying on the open spot has several risks for your car to get damaged during your absence. Instead, you may opt out for reliable storage services like AutoVault that ensures your car’s safety. Whatever approach you choose, you need to make sure that your car is safe during the period of your absence.

Arrange For Oil Change Periodically:

When it comes to engine and its safety then you need to be a little more caring. You stay away for months or a year but you need to make sure that you to somebody to change your car’s engine oil. This will save the engine beforehand it gets any rust or similar other stuff that affects the engines negatively.

Ask a friend or any reliable family member to do this very month or when oil change is due properly. And if you’re using a public storage service then you can take a cool breeze as they provide this service by default.

Make Arrangements For Cleaning Process:

Vehicles are delicate and should be taken care of them well. But how would you do that when you’re not there physically? I mean, cleaning your car is as important as you clean yourself to stay healthy and clean. And if you avoid this step then you might end up having a muddy vehicle on your return.

So make sure to arrange for anybody who cleans your car properly during your absence. Washing the upper body is not enough, the person needs to make sure that he/she cleans the hidden part of the car that gets dirty by the time. Look under the hood, clean tyres properly and pay attention to the lower part of the car during the washing up process.

Make Sure The Battery Stays Charged:

If you don’t want to loose the battery on your return, then you need to make sure that it stays charged. Ask any reliable person either from family or friends to drive your car for 15 to 30 minutes once in a 2 weeks to keep the battery charged. The other way to charge the battery is leaving the air conditioner on. Try that and keep the battery charged!

Avoid Relying On Parking Brakes:

A real good practice to keep your car safe is using chocks instead of parking your car with parking brakes. No movement for long time may turn the tyres flat with car’s pressure on them. So make sure your car is parked safely with this precaution.