What To Look When Hiring A Professional Lighting Service For Corporate Events

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.55.08Organising a corporate event means you’re going to impress your clients, vendors and staff with your professionalism. But if the event does not give you a professional feel then all your efforts are just waste of time.

Like hiring best catering, sound and booking right venue, arranging right type of visual effects is also very important. If you don’t do that, it would create problems during speeches and mess up with your corporate event by affecting your reputation. So here are few things to keep in mind while hiring a professional production lighting service for your corporate event.

Experience Counts:

When hiring a lighting technician then the first thing you should see is how much experienced that person or service is. It is essential to hire a professional with years of experience because anyone with less experience might not be able to handle such big event you’re going to organise. An experienced service provider can give you best service and handle different situations if anything goes out of schedule. Another reason for choosing an experienced one over a less experienced is because you’ll get ideas and recommendations from him instead of telling your ideas at every stage all the time.

Ability To Handle Issues:

Another thing that you should look into a service provider when it comes to lighting phase is the adaptability to cope up with the issues. It might be possible that something goes out of the schedule or just doesn’t work as planned. So a professional should know how to handle such situations without interrupting the attention of attendees during a ceremony or speech. That service provider should be able to handle all the situations and execute all the functions very well otherwise there’s no use of hiring a professional at all.

Usage Of Latest Technology:

As you’ll be hiring the service to decorate the event with different visual effects so you must make sure that they’re using latest technology to accommodate you during the function. It’s not about just adding a projector for presentations but takes more creativity to create a professional vibe in the event. Visual effects, lighting and all other elements should represent your business in such an inspiring way. If you do want to make the most of the technology just visit http://www.dplx.co.uk/.

And a professional knows how to do that with latest technology available in present. Ask about what technology they have to manage your event’s lighting phase. They’ll not hesitate to walk you through the catalogue or detail of different equipment they have to handle not only corporate events in particular but all kind of events where lighting is required.

Accommodating Individually:

As professionals handle multiple functions in one day or during the week so it is always wise to know how they’ll stay in touch with you? A sign of professionalism and quality service today is most services assign a particular manager to answer your queries throughout the event. So ask if the service you’re thinking to hire will assign any person for your event separately or how you can reach to management if anything is not in order.

How to Use Plants To Decorate Your Office

reception_coverThe days of offices being silent, soulless and corporate places where a bunch of worker drones show up every day are becoming ancient history. Employers are recognising that the best way to get the most out of their employees is to give them a working atmosphere that is healthy and vibrant, with all kinds of imaginative techniques being used, from feng shui to bean bags to video game rooms and even bars where staff can socialise on the premises.

But the simplest and most effective way to decorate your office in a way that makes it look nice, feel nice and improve the work rate of your staff is to use plants. Deedman are one of the leading suppliers of office plants and entrance plants and can help you find the right plants and the right use of them to make the most of the office space you have.
Studies have been done around the world by some of the foremost global companies, and all of them agree of the benefits of having plants in offices. Plant-free offices were described by a study by Exeter University as the most toxic space’ you could put human beings in, while NASA themselves have done a study that proved that plants reduce staff sick days because they make the air cleaner, they reduce stress and improve morale, and had a visible effect on staff productivity.
It’s important that the plants are living ones too, not just plastic ones used for decorative effect, because living plants minimise the toxins that are released by all the office equipment. They can also reduce ambient noise by as much as 5 decibels, making for an environment that is not only healthier but also more pleasant on the ears as well as the eyes. And in a culture where staff are more able to pick and choose where they work, giving them a nice place to work is very important for staff retention.
It’s not just about making the working environment nice for your workers either. Deedman entrance plants are a hugely popular and important part of their offer, because you need to make sure the first impression your company makes to visitors is a positive one. Using the right plants to accentuate your reception is a great way to welcome both staff and visitors into the building and make sure everyone knows they are arriving somewhere special.
Deedman entrance plants don’t have to just be in traditional reception planters, of course. You can use all manner of different styles to make a real statement, from living plant walls to desktop planters, barrier plants and atrium planters, combining them to stunning effect. Deedman can help you plan the most effective designs to suit your space, taking in account the light conditions and your own individual requirements to make sure that your reception and offices have the wow factor you’re looking for.
We’ve been helping businesses by designing, installing and maintaining their office plants and entrance plants since 1974 and have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your staff and your visitors feel welcome and happy when they come to your office.

Safe Removal

Businessman protecting his savings in the safe

Safe removal is the process of extracting a safe from its installed place.

Safe removal is quite an economical task. Imagine buying another new safe when moving to another place. “How much would that cost you?” a whole lot more than just employing safe removal services. There are trusted companies experienced in this field of safe removal, moving and their reinstallation such as Trident Safes Limited.

Safe removal is possible for some types of safes as below depending on the available equipment and skilled personnel, especially for trident safes.

  • Cash deposit safes
  • Gun safes
  • Underfloor safes
  • Fire proof cabinets
  • Freestanding safes

This brings me to the main reasons why any business entity would require safe removal services. Other than economic matters, safe removal is necessitated by some other activities in and around a business organisation.

One and the most obvious reason is relocation of a business organization. When a business is moved to a new location, it necessitates the removal, moving and reinstallation of safes (like trident safes) from the current to the new location. This is just but one reason safe removal services will be required.

The second reason is changing of office rooms. Say a small business has an office in a room located at the top floor of a building. Obviously, it won’t be getting a lot of clients coming by. They may consider moving to an available room in the lower floors. If they’ve got a cash safe for example, they’ll need to move the cash safe to the new office. This therefore will require employment of safe removal services.

A third reason is the disposal of an unwanted safe. Maybe a business organisation needs to renovate its offices and eliminate infrastructure that is no longer in use. Sometimes safes could be part of it. This necessitates the employment of safe removal services.

Also, a safe could be damaged beyond repair, “what would you do about it?” the answer is, “dispose it”. “But how do you do that?” I guess you already know the answer to that question.

Simply contact the companies concerned, and they’ll be there.

These are just but a few of the reasons why a business organisation would require safe removal services. The next big question a business owner will pose to himself is, “How does my business benefit from these whole process of safe removal?”

We’ve already seen that the first and most important benefit to a business owner is that, safe removal cuts on expenditure. Since you don’t need to acquire new safes for your business when moving, you reduce this costs by paying for safe removal and reinstallation services only. This may reduce your profits by some amount but not that significant compared to purchase of new safes.

Another way that a business owner can gain a lot from safe removal is a beautiful layout of his/her business enterprise after renovation. Every business person understands very well how crucial business presentation is. You always want to please clients with an excellent layout but not with disorganized infrastructure. Removal of worn out safes plays a significant role in this.





Ways On How IT Support Can Help You

futuristic display: Cloud computing touchscreen interface

They Provide Regular Network Updates And Maintenance

Most businesses today rely heavily on computers, computers are machines that need maintenance and network updates on a regular basis to make sure that they work properly and are in their tip-top condition all the time. Therefore, any company will benefit greatly if they have IT support aboard or outsource it on regular schedule to be able to look over this matter and ensure that your network is healthy, stable and secure and ready to adapt to any future technology changes. You can’t just wait until something breaks down or malfunction before you call IT support because by then it would have cost you and would impact heavily on productivity.

You Become Secured From Data Leakage

Company details and information is the backbone of any company. Now imagine those being leaked online and it’s like being naked in front of the eyes of other industry, especially your competitors. They’d be able to see not just your strengths but as well as your weaknesses so they’d figure out how to take you on in the right way and surpass you. However, if you have IT support with ARC Systems, you’d be provided with IT security that you need and prevent any malicious software that could cause damage in your business.

You Get More Than Just A Repair Service

Some people easily assume that IT support is just a repair service; something is broken so you call them to fix it. But what most people don’t know it that they also offer advice on technology that can improve your work, they’re also good with handling businesses and technology demands, not to mention provide access to  Virtual CTO and a team to support your business plans and growth.


How To Travel For a Business Trip

galler-image-3Unlike personal trip or vacation, a business trip is far more important for businessmen. Depending on the purpose, a business trip can help the company gain investments, clients, or partners. The company would then stand to gain or lose millions depending on how a business trip ended. With so much potential and business opportunities for the company, company representatives or those in the higher position would often go on several business trips every year. And when it comes to business trip, there are many things to consider that won’t even be considered on other types of trips. Here are some tips on how to travel for a business trip to increase the chance of success.

  1. Prepared – Preparation is very important. Depending on the purpose, one must prepare resources, presentation, travel plans, accommodations and even host an event just to give themselves a better chance of gaining benefits in the business trip.
  2. Travel light – Business trips do not take more than a month. In fact, most business trips would take less than a week where only a day or two spent for business ventures and the rest are spent for leisure and entertainment. Just having the sufficient number of clothes and items necessary for the trip is more than enough. It allows the person to move swiftly while adopting to different circumstances during the trip.
  3. With class – Image is very important in the business. This includes in business trips. A businessman must know how to present himself with elegance and class in front of the clients to gain a better evaluation from them. This is also extended to how he conducts himself as he interacts with clients and potential business investors or partners.
  4. Convenient – Since a business trip could make or break a company, the person on a business trip feels an immense pressure. Therefore, the trip should be the time for that person to adjust and unwind. A convenient travel can become the best conditioning for the person as he prepares himself to partake on the business venture.
  5. Organized – If there are plans, presentation or materials needed for the business trip, these things should be organized to make the business trip as smooth as possible. Clients and investors would rate highly those who are organized as it extends to the image of the company being represented.
  6. Hire luxury car or minibus – Regardless of the location, luxury minibus hire – One Executive is much more presentable in a business trip than having to call a taxi every time there is a need to travel. Luxury car is important especially if one travels to the company of a potential partner or investors as the car will be the first they noticed even before the person exits the car.

Now you know how to travel for a business trip.

Reasons To Go With Smart Meters In Your Office

OE-History_HeroAs the electricity bills rise upward, a great tension can be seen in businessmen  concerned about their monthly billing expenses. As an alternative, electricity industry has introduced many options to cut down one’s expense on monthly electricity usage. Among these options, smart meters are one of the best option to go with.

Problem With Standard Electric Meters:

The main problem with a standard electric meter is that it fails to let user keep account on current bill and just shows the reading for consumed units of electricity. That does tells the consumption but doesn’t inform the user about current bill on consumed units. So let’s see why should one go with smart meters instead of relying on standard or kWh meters.

How Does A Smart Meter Works?

In appearance, smart meters look same like prepay or standard meter types to some extent. But underneath that box case, there’s a little change in technology they have. A single phase meter works opposite to a standard meter. This means in a standard meter, one needs to take meter readings manually and then tell that figure to the supplier in order to get charged with correct amount.

But with smart meters, user doesn’t need to record anything manually. The smart meter not only records but also sends the figures to supplier by giving the user real-time performance. Means that the user can run a check on current billing amount and unit consumed through various ways. A user can either user the screen displaying the real time information on smart meter. Secondly, every supplier provides the user with an online portal where he can keep account of his electricity activities.

Benefits Of Using Smart Meter:

Below mentioned are some benefits one may get using a smart meter instead of a standard meter in his household.

Keep record of hourly rates:

The first and foremost benefit one gets with a smart meter is he can keep record of variable electricity rates that change by hour. Not everyone has as much time to stop by and inquire about any new rates applied to his connection. So this helps people to plan their budget not only for the month but also for coming weeks and days.

Keep account of your electricity usage on the go:

Another nice advantage people have with smart meter is that they can check their electricity usage easily. One may keep account of how much energy has been consumed and how much he owes to the supplier in many ways. The first way to do that is simply checking through the smart meter. and the alternative way of running a check is through online portals authorized by the supplier.

No need of manual operations:

You don’t need any manual work to do if you’re using smart meter. Like conventional standard meters, smart meters doesn’t require you to note down meter readings manually. They work on automation and user can relax as far as it is concerned with readings and billing process. Not only that, smart meters also enables you to restore your connection swiftly instead of walking down to your supplier’s.

Reasons Why Every Company Benefits From HR Support

analyticsIt Helps With Cost Saving

Don’t all companies want to minimize expenses as much as possible but maximise results? That can be hard to achieve all the time but with the help of an HR system it can be more feasible, especially when it comes to human resources. Just like when it comes to absences of the employees. HR can provide sickness absence management controls in order to lessen its cost to a business. There is also HR software that can be aquired through companies like Payroll Solutions.

It Helps With The Staff Management Of The Company

When you’re running a company and you have a goal to reach, it’s easy to forget that employees are people that you need to treat fairly and not machines that you can program to do whatever you want. On that note, having an HR on board is a great way to set guidelines so that no one is left feeling pushed around, especially during a particular employee issue.

It Provides Support With The Recruitment Process

Without good quality of employees no company will be successful. Then, if a company has HR people working on filling empty positions in the company, then they’re halfway through success. By advertising job postings, sourcing candidates, screening applicants, conducting preliminary interviews and coordinating hiring efforts with managers responsible for making the final selection of candidates, there will be a lot of hands that can help reach a company’s goal for it.

It Helps With Training And Development

Now just because a company has employees doesn’t mean it’s in good hands. If those hands aren’t well trained to do the job then they’d be useless. But, with the HR training and development, employees will be equipped with tools necessary for them to transition into the new organisation culture that they’re in. Even promoted supervisors and managers needs further training and development for them to better handle their new roles.

It Provides Guidance With Employment Legislation

For any company to operate well, they have to live by the existing employment laws in their country. With that, one of the roles of HR is to make sure that the company is not crossing any line. For them to do that, they stay updated with the current employment legislations and provide not only credible, practical advice for the company they’re working for but ensure that it is well communicated with the rest of the employees as well.


5 Best Practices To Keep Your Car Safe While You’re Away On Business

businessman-driving-carCars are precious when taken care well but you need a little care to handle them. It’s common to leave your car behind when you need to go on a trip abroad or for other purposes. So how’re you going to take care of your vehicle when you’re away?

To make sure your car’s safe during your absence here are few practices that will save your favorite convertible, SUV or sedan from possible damages.

Find A Safe Storage First:

Depending on the period you stay away from your car, you first need to arrange a safe parking place for your vehicle. If you’ve your own garage then make use of it but if you park your car outside of your house then think again. Relying on the open spot has several risks for your car to get damaged during your absence. Instead, you may opt out for reliable storage services like AutoVault that ensures your car’s safety. Whatever approach you choose, you need to make sure that your car is safe during the period of your absence.

Arrange For Oil Change Periodically:

When it comes to engine and its safety then you need to be a little more caring. You stay away for months or a year but you need to make sure that you to somebody to change your car’s engine oil. This will save the engine beforehand it gets any rust or similar other stuff that affects the engines negatively.

Ask a friend or any reliable family member to do this very month or when oil change is due properly. And if you’re using a public storage service then you can take a cool breeze as they provide this service by default.

Make Arrangements For Cleaning Process:

Vehicles are delicate and should be taken care of them well. But how would you do that when you’re not there physically? I mean, cleaning your car is as important as you clean yourself to stay healthy and clean. And if you avoid this step then you might end up having a muddy vehicle on your return.

So make sure to arrange for anybody who cleans your car properly during your absence. Washing the upper body is not enough, the person needs to make sure that he/she cleans the hidden part of the car that gets dirty by the time. Look under the hood, clean tyres properly and pay attention to the lower part of the car during the washing up process.

Make Sure The Battery Stays Charged:

If you don’t want to loose the battery on your return, then you need to make sure that it stays charged. Ask any reliable person either from family or friends to drive your car for 15 to 30 minutes once in a 2 weeks to keep the battery charged. The other way to charge the battery is leaving the air conditioner on. Try that and keep the battery charged!

Avoid Relying On Parking Brakes:

A real good practice to keep your car safe is using chocks instead of parking your car with parking brakes. No movement for long time may turn the tyres flat with car’s pressure on them. So make sure your car is parked safely with this precaution.

Ways To Protect Your Business

For Business owners their business is something that means the most to them. That is because they have put their blood, sweat and tears into making their business successful. Therefore every inch of the business is sacred to them. Luckily for these business owners however there are companies that make a living off of protecting people’s livelihoods. If you are a business owner seeking to make your business more secure then here are a few ways to do so:


The finances of a business can often get confusing and this is because the finance processes are completely different than for a normal person. Since businesses rely on their finances it is important to hire an accountant who can make sure that your accountancy is safe and legal.0003


Physically your office can be at risk to potential thieves and though there is not much that you can do about this for yourself you can seek the services of a locksmith. They will provide you with the best knowledge and advice on how to keep your office safe, and when it comes to locks and keys you are guaranteed to be getting expert care. Check out Fast Keys, they have a superb reputation. Checkout their locks page here




If you are a large business with numerous members of staff you may want to invest in security services. Hiring a security guard means that you can avoid any issues with potential troublemakers and that business can carry on as usual.


Though CCTV cannot directly keep your business safe it is a preventative measure. Installing a CCTV system in your building means that should your office face any intruders then you have proof to help aid the police in finding the culprit.

Video Cameras monitoring the underground pedestria

Why You Must Have a Mission Statement For Your Business

Numerous business people understand what a mission statement is, and know how essential it’s to have one. Certainly, a lot of us will be acquainted with such statements from big companies. We all comprehend the advantages of such a statement and how its position could be used to keep a business in-line to its primary beliefs and emphasis. However numerous small enterprises don’t have one. Are they truly essential for your business, you might question?

The brief response is to the concerns above is absolutely, however allow me to begin with the following:

What’s a Mission Statement?
A mission or belief statement for a company is a brief passage explaining what the company is performing and why it is in existence to begin with. It’s intended to function as an application, connecting to the audience the substance of what the company is about.

A Manual in Development
A mission statement can function as a leading post when your company encounters development. As your company grows, you’re usually given choices on how it can develop. Your mission statement can function as a manual, allowing you to make the ideal decision from the possibilities open, and it functions as a strong prompt of why your company is there initially.

Functions as a Manual to Improving Effectiveness
All companies undergo periods of great times and bad times. Having a mission statement and mentioning it frequently will direct you on your choices. It will assist you to become more economical, without diminishing your primary values or your customer satisfaction.

mission statement
In the mid 80s and 90s most of the big listed companies in America were pressurized to develop. They began obtaining companies that weren’t associated with their primary skills and that didn’t stick to their mission statements. Over a period of time, they discovered that these acquisitions didn’t offer the advantage which they’d wished for and consequently, they had to sell (or divest) the company at a huge loss to the organization.

It Can be Cost Efficient to Your Company
The mission statement is utilized to convey the main beliefs of your company to other individuals involved with its functions. On particular times, business people themselves can be sidetracked by the industry. I’ve always found it useful to drive them back to the place of birth (the mission statement) and determine once more why the company is there initially. Possessing such a statement assists in keeping the company devoted to its primary expertise and can possibly emphasize whether a possible investment is in-line to its beliefs.

Therefore, when is the right time to produce a mission statement for the company? In a nutshell, there isn’t any established ‘best time’ to possess one. Many people think that a company must have one before it even begins functioning. Other people think you must wait until you realize the reality of operating your company a bit better. My own viewpoint? For businesses that understand the advantage of possessing one, the right time to produce a statement is as soon as you are able to. The advantages of possessing one far exceeds the work taken to produce it.